Hi and welcome back to my blog here at Wigstudio1! If you love short styles like I do you were probably excited when Rene of Paris announced the release of Shane! My initial reaction was wow, this reminds me of Jon Renau Ignite, so much so I made a comparison video of the two. These a-line bobs have made a name for themselves over the last couple of years, it seems almost every manufacturer has at least one in their inventory.
How do you feel about permatease? Well if you have seen any of my videos or read any of my blogs you know I love permatease, but totally respect those who do not; this wig has a lot of permatease in the crown to give you that "poof" that many of these styles feature. The lift in the crown is cute on these styles and I think give them personality! I also like that that I can use a bit of Fiber Love Holding spray or contour cream and easily create some nice texture giving the style a more trendy look. Below is a side photo of Shane showing how the permatease works to create lift at the crown.
I have enjoyed wearing and reviewing lots of grey/white shades, Silver Stone is a beautiful color consisting of a dark brown base that is layered on top with different shades of grey and white it is also brighter around the face, another feature I really enjoy. I will insert some photos in outdoor lighting. If you would like to see video of outdoor lighting please see the video of this style on either my YouTube channel or the Wigstudio1 YouTube Channel.
Below is how this color looks in indoor lighting; please keep in mind that the grey and blondes tend to look much brighter in indoor lighting due to the studio lights we use to film videos, that is why I always show the colors I review in outdoor lighting to give you the best representation of the color as I can.
Rene of Paris wigs really have nice fibers in my opinion, very soft and natural looking. I have a 21.25 inch head and I found Shane to run large on me and there is a good bit of stretch in this one so I think it would work well for larger circumferences. Shane has a lace front and a left mono part, there is some permatease in the front but not a huge amount, the majority is in the crown area. The ear tabs are closed, a non extended nape and pull adjusters. You could wear this one off the face due to the lace front, add a headband or steam it off your face for a totally different look.
The specs for Shane are, fringe 6.5, crown 5.5, nape 1 and it weighs 2.6 oz. If you find the bangs are too long you can always trim them but as they sweep off to the side I found them to be a nice length. 
I hope you enjoyed this blog on Rene of Paris Shane and will check back here often as new blogs are being added all the time. If you would like to see more of my videos please check out my YouTube Channel, CrazyWigLady and please follow me on Instagram @crazywiglady where I have my wig giveaways and more, I would love to see you there! Also join us in our private Facebook Group, Wigstudio1 Wig and Topper Support Group! I'll see you next time here on the blog!
March 21, 2021 — Eileen Franklin