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WigSECURE™ - Reversible Non-Slip Grip Band by Amy Gibson

Please note that some colors may be out of stock in certain styles. If you’d like to confirm your color is in stock prior to placing your order, please email support@wigstudio1.com.

WigSECURE - Reversible Non-Slip Grip Band by Amy Gibson

The WigSECURE™ by Amy Gibson is the perfect solution to keeping your wig secure and fitting comfortably. Unlike any other velvet wig band on the market, the WigSECURE™ is the first one that is Reversible for those with or without hair!

It’s the first band to be crafted using a high-end velvety fabric, lined with a patent-pending silicone non-slip grip strip for those with thinning or no hair, completely removing the need for tape or clips. You can also use it to keep scarves and hats in place. You can wear the strip against your head for an anti-slide solution to wig slippage. For those with hair, just flip the band over to wear the grip strip against your wig. Also great for those wearing a wig cap, this will further secure your piece.

You decide which side provides the support you need and works best for you! Either way you wear it, it will keep your wig in place all day. This band helps with wig cap pressure and is undetectable under any wig. It’s one size fits all and look out for it in multiple colors including beige/blonde and brunette. If you wear a lace front wig or monofilament wig, we recommend the WigSECURE ™ Crystal, which has special silk feature.

Adjustable to fit all head sizes

  • Product Type: Accessory
  • Approximate Width: 2" - 2.5"
  • Product Weight: 0.7oz

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