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Color Chart


  • Almond Rocka - Dark Golden Brown base color with Strawberry Blonde and Bright Cooper 50/50 blended highlights
  • Apricot Frost - Bright Copper base with a Strawberry Blonde highlight
  • Auburn Sugar - Brownish Red base with copper highlights
  • Black
  • Bronzed Brown - Medium Auburn w/Lighter Auburn Highlights
  • Burgundy - Darkest Auburn Roots w/Wine Highlights
  • Burgundy Rosa - Darkest Brown Roots w/Burgundy Tips
  • Burnt Sienna - Coppery Red
  • Butter Pecan - Gold Blond base with 50/50 of Dark and Light brown highlights
  • Butterscotch - Super Golden Blonde w/Gold Blonde Highlights
  • Cappucino - Dark Brown
  • Cayenne Spice - Light Red + Med Brown base with Dark Brown lowlights
  • Chestnut - Dark and Bright Auburn 50/50 blend
  • Chocolate Frost - Dark Brown base with 50/50 of Light Brown + Light Blonde highlights
  • Chocolate Lava - 50/50 of Dark Brown + Med Ash Brown
  • Coconut Spice - Light Red Brown base with Honey Blonde highlight
  • Coffee Latte - Dark Brown with Dark Brown & Honey Brown 50/50 blend highlights
  • Copper Glaze - 50/50 of Dark Copper Red + Light Copper Red
  • Creamy Blonde - Platinum and Light Gold Blonde 50/50 blend
  • Creamy Toffee - 50/50 of Dark Blonde + Creamy Blond
  • Dark Chocolate - Dark Brown and Medium Brown 50/50 blend
  • Expresso - Darkest Brown
  • Frosti Blonde - Platinum Blonde and Light Ash Brown 50/50 blend
  • Garnet Glaze - Dark Brown and Dark Auburn base with Medium Auburn and Bright Auburn highlights
  • Ginger-H - Medium Brown and Light Auburn highlight
  • Ginger Brown - Medium Auburn and Medium Brown 50/50 blend
  • Gold Blonde - Medium Gold Blonde and Light Gold Blonde Blend
  • Golden Brown - Blends of Med + Light Ash Brown
  • Harvest Gold - Medium Brown and Dark Gold Blonde 50/50 blend
  • Honey Wheat - Light Brown base with Honey Blonde highlight
  • Iced Mocha - Med Brown with Creamy Blond highlights
  • Irish Spice - Brownish Red + Copper highlights
  • Java Frost - Dark Brown base with Gold Blonde and Light Auburn 50/50 blend highlights
  • Light Chocolate - Light Brown w/Light Reddish Brown Highlights
  • Maple Sugar - Med Reddish Brown + Med Blond Highlights
  • Marble Brown - Medium Brown and Light Honey Brown 50/50 blend
  • Medium Brown - Med Brown
  • Mochaccino - Med Brown + Golden Blond highlights
  • Platinum Pearl - 50/50 of Creamy Blond + Light Ash Blond
  • Razberry Ice - Reddish Med Brn base with 50/50 of Light Red + Golden Blond Highlights
  • Spring Honey - Honey Blonde and Gold Platinum Blonde 50/50 blend
  • Strawberry Swirl - Honey Blonde and Platinum Blonde 50/50 blend
  • Sugar Cane - Platinum Blonde and Strawberry Blonde 50/50 blend base with Light Auburn highlight
  • Toasted Brown - Dark Brown and Light Brown Blend
  • Vanilla Lush - Bright Copper and Platinum Blonde 50/50 blend tipped light

Hybrant Root

  • Almond Rocka-R - Dark Root, Med Brn base with 50/50 of Med Copper Blond + Light Golden Blond Highlights
  • Auburn Sugar-R - Rooted Dark with a Medium Auburn base with a Dark Strawberry Blonde highlight
  • Champagne-R – Rooted Dark with Platinum Blonde
  • Coffee Latte R | Dark Root, Dark Brown base with 50/50 of Med Choc Brn + Med Golden Blond
  • Copper Glaze-R - Rooted Dark Bronzed Brown with Red Gold highlight
  • Creamy Toffee-R - Rooted Dark with Light Platinum Blonde and Light Honey Blonde 50/50 blend
  • Iced Mocha-R - Rooted Dark with Medium Brown blended with Light Blonde highlights
  • Maple Sugar-R - Rooted Dark with Light Honey Brown base with Strawberry Blonde highlights
  • Mochaccino-R - Rooted Dark with Light Brown base with Strawberry Blonde highlights
  • Nutmeg – F – Rooted Dark with Honey Brown base with Platinum Blonde highlight

Silver Colors

  • Sandy Silver -Medium Brown and Silver blend that transitions to more Silver Light Ash Brown then to Silver Bangs
  • Silver Stone - Silver Medium Brown blend that transitions to more Silver then Medium Brown then to Silver Bangs

Human Hair Colors

  • A4 - Cappucino
  • A8 - Dark Chocolate
  • A30 - Maple Sugar
  • A30/8 - Honey Brown
  • A140/27B - Butterscotch
  • A246 - Dark Ash Blonde with no tip
  • A613/27C - Golden Wheat(Spring-H)
  • A613/140 - Starlight Blonde+Moonlite Blonde

LR Colors

The LR colors are our new collection of Ombre rooted colors. By definition Ombre colors gradually change from one color or tone to another color or tone. The look begins with an exaggerated root color that either softly shifts (Macadamia LR/Crimson LR) or dramatically shifts (Banana Split) from darkest to lightest. It’s a modern twist to standard highlights.

  • Banana Split-LR - Base is a slightly warmer brown that quickly shifts to a light golden blonde | heavily rooted blonde.
  • Crimson-LR -Root has a deep burgundy tone that gradually shifts into a lighter coppery tone with lightest points fall around the face
  • Macadamia-LR - Darker more beige blonde. The root is soft brown color that melts into a beige blonde color.
  • Nutmeg R | Rooted Dark Honey Brown Base with Platinum Blonde Highlights
  • Peach Gold | Light Blonde Blended with Pink Blonde
  • Marble Brown R | Dark Brn rooted, Medium Brown and Light Honey Brown 50/50 blend
  • Mochaccino-LR | Stretched root of rich milk chocolate color with root graduating into creamy blonds and icy coconuts with caramel undertones
  • Snowy Sapphire R | smoky combination of soft black root with a silver white base mixed in a hint of soft blue tone
  • Melted Coconut | Dark rich brown root with soft golden medium brown at middle and warm white ends
  • Cashmere SR | Medium beige brown base with woven velvet blond highlights

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Erika Wig by Amore

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Erika Wig by Amore is a sleek smooth bob style achieved using razor cuts for a sharper, more distinctive edge. Erika is designed with a double monofilament top for maximum comfort and the most natural look. 

SKU: RP2532
Product Type: Wig
Product Weight: 3.5 oz
Collection: Designer Series
Cap Size: Average
Cap Construction: Double Monofilament
Hair Type: Synthetic Hair
Ideal Face Shape: Diamond, Heart, Oval, Round
Approximate Length: Front 4" | Crown 9.5" | Nape 4"